Remember how you used to make squinty eyes at a light, and all those bright rays would shoot out and dance in front of you? I never grew out of that. In a sense, I do it everywhere I go.

My passion is photographing simple moments and sharing them in an entirely new light… one with fantastic, dancing rays.

Hi there. I’m Kathleen. First of all, thank you for stopping by. I think this is the place where most photographers talk about their “work”. Quite honestly, I feel strange calling it mine, or even work. The photography I post here is the result of months of wedding planning, a few years of experience on my part, and billions of years developing a beautiful world by an awesome God. In short, it’s photography phrases like “my work” and “capturing moments” that make me squirm. Truth be told, I’m far more passionate about sharing the beautiful world around me than calling it work. And rather than “capturing” moments, I prefer to set them free.

I never planned to be a photographer. It just sort of… happened. One minute I was shooting oily rainbow puddles on the street, and the next thing I knew, I was photographing a couple atop a Puerto Rican mountain overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. It really has been a dream come true. If you really want to know my story, I attended Penn State and Marquette University with intentions of a veterinary career. Life’s many twists and turns led me to realize that those daydreams of becoming a professional photographer may not be all that far-fetched. I transferred to the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee to begin my journey with aesthetics, and graduated with a degree in design.

So, here I am. I’m crazy about my job. I’m passionate about the significance of what many will call the best day of their lives. But most of all, I’m humbled by the trust my couples place in my hands. The moments I get to witness. The joy. The tears. The nerves. The pure, unadulterated bliss between two humans in love, with a bond eliciting emotion that pierces the air. I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Urban gardening. Drawing — usually with white charcoal. Building my own furniture. Dogs. I have a Border Collie named Fly, and he’s my greatest friend. Woodworking. Succulents. Hot tea. Fitness. Crossfit is my favorite. Go Seahawks. I’m from Tacoma, don’t hate. Having a big armful of dogs. Conversing with strangers. Shooting guns. Riding my little Honda 450. Antique stores. Playing with dogs. Interior design. Any kind of design, for that matter. Pho. When people work together. When dogs love you with their eyes. Wrestling with dogs. Giving kisses to dogs. Getting kisses from dogs. And, of course, photography, too : )

Please, let’s get to know each other. Really. I can’t wait to hear your story.