Bay Beach Sanctuary Wedding

Autumn is such a wonderful time for Wisconsin weddings. The air is crisp. The colors are beautiful. And guests are in great spirits. This Bay Beach Sanctuary wedding made great use of the season with its beautiful venue. Everyone is a sucker for outdoor weddings, and this Green Bay venue is the perfect example of why. Of course, Wisconsin weather can be unpredictable. Well, this Bay Beach Sanctuary wedding is here to prove that, even with rain, outdoor weddings can be no less than perfect. Brianna and David are just about the sweetest couple you may ever meet, and they weren’t about to let a little rain ruin their Bay Beach Sanctuary wedding day. I can’t stop raving about how these two embraced the rain, laughing through it to create some amazing wedding portraiture. Honestly, I think rain on a wedding day is just nature throwing its own confetti.

Bay Beach Sanctuary Wedding Photography

Bay Beach Sanctuary embodies Green Bay, Wisconsin’s northwoods appeal. The building itself is full of rustic woodsy charm. Inside, wedding guests will find a museum full of Wisconsin wilderness info, and even live animals. From snakes, to turtles, to fish, to Wisconsin rodents, Bay Beach Sanctuary provides a nature outlet for both indoor and outdoor enthusiasts, alike. One of the most stunning parts of a Bay Beach Sanctuary wedding is the beautiful river, complete with a walkway across to a waterfall. The river is filled with geese and ducks, who excitedly greet guests in hopes for crumbs. The collection of dozens and dozens of birds makes a wonderful backdrop for romantic wedding photography.

Rain at a Bay Beach Sanctuary Wedding

This wedding is proof that rain does not have to ruin your wedding day. In fact, rain can take your wedding photography from beautiful to truly incredible. We couldn’t have gotten the gorgeous rainy wedding photography we did if it weren’t for Brianna & David embracing the weather, and their stubborn positivity. I couldn’t get enough of these two. They have a beautiful relationship; one which turns droplets of water into images of glistening beauty. After laughter & dancing in the rain, we headed into the greenhouse at this Bay Beach Sanctuary wedding. I’ve always wanted to get some greenhouse couples’ portraits, and this location certainly didn’t disappoint. In the end, I couldn’t decide which images I like more: out in the rain, or safe in the greenhouse. I guess it just comes down to one awesome couple, their beautiful relationship, and a celebration to remember.



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