August 7, 2016. A Lake Geneva wedding. So many weddings start out with rain on the radar, and everyone crossing their fingers for it to hold off. Not this one. Blue skies, shining sun, and a beautiful, glistening lake set up the day beautifully. This gorgeous wedding ceremony took place on a hill overlooking Lake Geneva in sweet early August. The day was held at Conference Point Center in Lake Geneva: a beautiful, historic retreat with stunning white buildings and surrounded by water. This wedding struck the most perfect balance between rustic & classy. Historic & clean. And oh my goodness, Abby is a stunningly beautiful bride. Her airy, light wedding dress accompanied the most gorgeous flower crown beautifully. Of course, her sweet personality and giving heart is the most beautiful part about her. Mark is a lucky guy, and based on his reaction while she was walking down the aisle, he knows it. And don’t even get me started on the place settings — too beautiful. I love how this family incorporated vintage, antique elements with gold flatware and the most beautiful textures. I was geeking out, just a little. Please enjoy.



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