August 20th , 2016. The Landing 1841 wedding. Check out this celebration at newly remodeled, gorgeously updated wedding venue The Landing. The Landing 1841 is a barn wedding venue on a vast, beautiful plot of land with fields, creeks, and famous for its massive willow tree. Like many wedding days, this one started off watching the sky for rain. Since it sprinkled on and off, the ceremony that originally was going to take place at the willow tree was moved inside the barn. Which was, surprisingly, equally gorgeous. Most barn venues have closed walls and little to no natural light. This one, however, has massive windows on either side of the couple getting married, creating the most beautiful, perfect lighting setup. Even though it didn’t rain much after all, the photos turned out equally gorgeous, indoors and out. Ian and Allie are awesome. If you can imagine a fun-loving, outgoing couple with the most awesome adventurous spirit, it’s them. This day didn’t once feel like work. From the beginning, these two just gave me completely free creative reign, and I loved every second. We ended up with some wedding party photos a little less than traditional, and lots of moments full of genuine laughter. And, of course, Source 1 DJ provided the awesome entertainment. This one will definitely go down in my book as one of the favorites. Please enjoy.



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