Milford Hills Wisconsin Wedding

I’m just going to say it straight-up: this was one of my favorites. I knew that Sera and Mat were going to be a ton of fun to work with from the get-go. Even so, I had no idea this Milford Hills Wisconsin wedding would turn out so beautifully. This hunt club is filled with rustic charm and gorgeous scenery. Milford Hills has a few options when it comes to wedding locations, but I’m overjoyed that these two chose to have their ceremony outdoors. With rolling hills and a pond in view, this Milford Hills Wisconsin wedding ceremony was every bit as gorgeous as the rest of the day. That’s really saying something, too, considering how gorgeous this portraiture turned out. Really, I think the bride & groom photos from this Milford Hills Wisconsin wedding are some of my favorites to date. Right when I thought the backdrop couldn’t get any more gorgeous, we snuck outside for some photos during sunset. And, wow: did they ever turn out beautifully.

Milford Hills Wisconsin Wedding Ceremony

As mentioned, this hunt club wedding ceremony was to-die-for. I’m a huge fan of the floral pieces that decorated the ceremony area. It’s the perfect demonstration of sweet Wisconsin country charm. The oranges, burgundies, and other warm tones in the flowers complimented the beautiful fall vibe. The Milford Hills landscaping added to the color scheme seamlessly, in order to really pull everything together. I love Sera’s choice to have the bridesmaids in classic navy, to create the most beautiful autumn wedding color scheme for this Milford Hills Wisconsin wedding.

Milford Hills Wisconsin Wedding Photography

Milford Hills Hunt Club is pretty much a dream for wedding photographers. Okay, I guess I can’t speak for everyone, but it is a dream for this wedding photographer. My fiancé and I often frequent this location when we want to go shooting. So when I booked this Milford Hills Wisconsin wedding, I was stoked. Aside from being a location I already know & love, I’ve seen many beautiful Milford Hills wedding photos in the iconic tall grass. When we went out there during sunset, the scenery sure didn’t disappoint. We were also super fortunate to get a glowing red sun spot, which made for some really killer light. Of course, all that aside, I’m pretty sure it’s impossible to take a bad photo of Sera & Matt in the first place. They’re an adorable couple, but they’re also amazing people. At the vendor table, we were all raving about how thoughtful they, their friends, and their families are. I’m telling you, those are the best kinds of weddings to shoot. Especially when they’re at such gorgeous locations as Milford Hills, too. 😉 This Milford Hills Wisconsin wedding was a blast to shoot, so please enjoy the wedding photos as well!




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November 16, 2017