“Finding Kathleen was probably the most crucial part of our wedding preparations. After browsing through dozens of wedding photography pages, I started to feel a bit disillusioned about the whole process. Wedding photography often looks so much the same – the poses, the processing, the gauzy filtering. Kathleen’s page was a breath of fresh air and allowed me to imagine a wedding that was our own. As soon as I saw Kathleen’s work, I knew she had a special ability to capture relationships, not just beautiful moments. I even got excited about the engagement shoot, which I had not previously been interested in. In portraiture mode, Kathleen has the ability to set her subjects at ease and guide them into poses and gestures that are beautiful and reflective of your feelings for each other. Some of her photos of other couples are so beautiful I would want to hang them on the wall even without knowing them.

Kathleen is as kind and personable as she is professional. On our wedding day, the one thing I didn’t have to worry about at all was the photography. And that is a strong statement, considering that the photography was more important to me than the dress, flowers, music, and other accouterments. Kathleen clearly loves what she does, and it shows in her work. We could not be happier with our wedding photos. She captures stories with the acumen of a photojournalist and with the aesthetic and technical prowess of a fashion photographer. ”

Kate Z.

“We were so happy to have Kathleen as our photographer at our wedding, which was just this past May!  I’m an artist too, and I’ve always loved how creative, beautiful and emotional her photography is.  She has a distinct style that I love and is really great at capturing the beauty of the outdoors.  She also caught a lot of small, special and candid moments that we didn’t even think of. She helped my husband and I feel comfortable enough to get some very sweet, romantic shots together that look very natural. I had a long list of things I wanted, and she worked so hard to fit it all in and still get tons of beautiful photos.  She was very calm, patient, and fun to work with. I have no idea how I’m going to choose the photos for our wedding album out of hundreds that I love.  She was the perfect fit for our wedding. Thanks again Kathleen!”

Amber S.

“I cannot say enough amazing things about Kathleen and her photography. I was blown away by her talent through every single photo. I look back at our wedding photos at least once a week, and I swoon over them. Kathleen is so creative and really has an eye for making an “ordinary” picture appear so unique. I remember when I was looking for a wedding photographer, and so many photographers took typical, traditional photographs. Not Kathleen. Her skills allow her to create and capture the most striking and memorable moments, without you even knowing! Not only are her photographs beautiful, but she is professional, efficient, personable, organized and calm. I could not have imagined having any other wedding photographer but her! Thank you Kathleen!!”

Katelyn S.

“Words can not even begin to explain the talent Kathleen has for wedding photography. She was AMAZING to work with and captured the most beautiful moments… candid and portrait! You would never know she was a single shooter, because of all the different angles she was able to catch all on her own. She must have some serious stealth maneuvers to do it all by herself while maintaining such a high quality result! We could not be any happier than we were with the story Kathleen told through her photography of our most special day! Thanks Kathleen!” –Alyssa L.

“Kathleen is literally the best! From her demeanor to her talent, to her professionalism and friendliness. In my circle she is the most wanted photographer and there is no question why.”

Erin M.

“I can’t say enough good things about Kathleen Stogin and her photography work. Kathleen shot both my wife and my engagement photos and wedding photos. She is extremely professional and makes sure to plan everything ahead of time is always on schedule. She has one of the most creative minds in the business and knows exactly what to do on the day of the wedding. I had no idea what pictures were “supposed” to be taken, but she made me feel very comfortable by helping to direct me but also letting my wife and I be creative ourselves if we had any personal desires or wishes. Also, she edited, posted, and published our entire package of several hundred wedding photos in one week! Who does that?! She is incredibly talented but an even better person to work with. One of the best photographers out there and a hidden gem.”

Cort P.

“Kathleen is a great photographer and an even better person. You can tell that she has a genuine passion for all that the she does…her portfolio clearly shows it! When we first met, Kathleen took an interest in getting to know us and what we were hoping to get out of our photographer…as it turned out, Kathleen was the perfect fit. We now have a set of pictures that we’re more than happy with. Look no further, she’s the best.”

-Dan M.

“Kathleen goes above and beyond simply taking great photos. She makes you feel comfortable, natural, and really guides you in looking and feeling your best during your photo session. On top of that, her editing is flawless, and her style is so modern/chic professional, that I think few can ever match it. Her work matches her personality: beautiful, light, and rare. She truly is a gem that will make any day–a wedding day, engagement session, or an ordinary Sunday–feel magical.”

-Marissa Y.


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