June 4, 2016. I always find it immensely special when I get to photograph weddings on family properties. There’s something unique and irreplaceable about family land, a sentimental atmosphere, and two people celebrating the joining of two paths in the same place that carried them there. Well, this one will certainly go down in the books as an extra-special one for me, since this Rhinelander wedding took place on grounds of the bride’s family’s business — Holiday Acres Resort. The beautiful, large resort boasts all the beauty that the Northwoods of Wisconsin have to offer, as well as the sweetest, most courteous people to make you feel right at home during your stay. Between the towering trees, beautiful Lake Thompson, and the authentic “turn of the century” decor, my job was a breeze. Kate and Alex have something special. Their love overflows to everyone surrounding them. These two are clearly more interested in others than themselves, and it results in a love warm enough to be felt by all. I feel honored to have had the privilege to photoraph this beautiful wedding in one of my favorite places on the planet. Please enjoy.



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