diamond wedding rings on vibrant marigoldWhat is your shooting style?

Pho­to­jour­nal­is­tic. My goal is to be as stealthy and non-disruptive as humanly pos­si­ble, while still get­ting all the impor­tant shots in a cre­ative light.

Do you do engagement sessions?

Yes! Engagement ses­sions are so important–not only are they fun, but they help us get a great feel for each other. Most cou­ples also find that after an engage­ment ses­sion, they are more com­fort­able in front of the cam­era on their wed­ding day. Don’t for­get, your engage­ment ses­sion is half-off with full-day wed­ding coverage.

Do you travel?

Absolutely! I’m a huge advocate of importing your own, tried & true photographer. I’d love to sit down with you to hear about your des­ti­na­tion plans!

Do you photograph anything besides weddings?

Most def­i­nitely. I’d love for you to check out my blog to see some of my other work: family sessions, seniors, professional events… I love ’em all!

What are your rates?

Wedding coverage starts at $2,900. If you’re interested in detailed pricing & coverage options, don’t be shy! Shoot me a message. (No but seriously. Do it.)

What does a “full day” of wedding coverage entail?

All. Day. Long. Your day is only going to come once, and I want to be there for as much of it as possible: from prepa­ra­tions to recep­tion. This means 10 hours (usually around 9am to 9pm). I also offer an “extended full-day” package for those who need coverage.

How much time should we reserve for portraits before/after the ceremony?

I’d love for every­one to be totally ready at least 3 hours before the cer­e­mony. This gives us ample time for shoot­ing, and a com­fort­able time cush­ion in case things run behind sched­ule (which they tend to do!). This way, I can leave you alone at least an hour before the ceremony–it will give you time to freshen up, put your feet up, and relax before the main event.

What is a “first look”?

These are tons of fun! A first look is an orga­nized shoot where the bride and groom get to see each other before the cer­e­mony, and have their reac­tions doc­u­mented in pho­tographs. Some other fun shoots my cou­ples have done before walk­ing down the aisle include back-to-back gift exchanges, secret let­ter exchanges… don’t be afraid to get creative!

How many photos will we get?

With full-day cov­er­age, you will get around 600 dig­i­tally enhanced poses. I will give you a dig­i­tal copy of each photo in both color and black & white. The photos are chosen based on both photographic excellence and how they best tell the story of your day.

How are the photos delivered?

You will receive your pho­tos on a USB in dig­i­tal for­mat, as well as a signed waiver from me, giv­ing you copy­right per­mis­sion to repro­duce as many copies as you’d like. That means photo prints, can­vas prints, digital copies for fam­ily, Face­book, Pin­trest… just about any non-profit repro­duc­tion is fair game!

How soon do we get our photos?

Post-processing & delivery time is usually roughly 8 weeks. If you’re open to it, I will occasionally post some sneak-peeks on Facebook, or even a full preview on the blog!

We don’t know how to pose, will you direct us?

Of course! My job as your pho­tog­ra­pher is to take beau­ti­ful pho­tos. Part of that may include direc­tion, which I am more than happy to give. More impor­tantly, how­ever, I will help you both become nat­ural and com­fort­able in front of the cam­era. You two know how to love each other best… I’ll help you get started, and when I see that you’re comfortable, I’ll let you take it from there!

How do you get your photographs to look the way that they do?

Care­ful com­po­si­tion, years of expe­ri­ence, and custom edit­ing goes into each individual image. I also tweak var­i­ous char­ac­ter­is­tics to give each photo a cer­tain feel, as well as a fluid, uniform style.

How do we book you?

I’d love to hear from you! The best way to get in touch with me is by shoot­ing me an email… from there we can sched­ule a time to sit down, get to know each other, and see if we’d be a good match for your wed­ding day.